Thursday, September 19, 2013

Nicole Young

I very rarely have guests post to my blog, but I made an exception for my good friend Nicole! She is an amazing photographer and author. Her most recent eBook, The Inspired Photographer, is now available over at Flatbooks. I am really excited about her latest work and asked her if she wanted to write a post on my blog to coincide with the launch of her book. I hope you enjoy both her post and her new book!
Hey everyone! My name is Nicole S. Young (a.k.a. "Nicolesy"), and I’m a photographer and author. Like many of you, I got to know Trey through Google+ (as well as dozens of other amazing people). To celebrate the launch of my brand-new eBook over on Flatbooks, Trey graciously allowed me to write a guest post here on his amazing blog. My eBook is titled The Inspired Photographer: Twenty Ways to Seek Inspiration & Ignite Creativity. I think we all need a dose of inspiration now and then, but don’t always know how to find it, and that’s exactly what my book aims to do. But I’m not here to talk about inspiration, I have my eBook to do that for me. Instead, let’s talk business!

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